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Museo de la vid y el vino The new Museum of Vine and Wine is located at the site of the old museum known as "La Bodega Encantada", and this structure is integrated into the tourist offer of the Wine Route. This place offers dynamic and interactive displays on the history and characteristics of the vineyards and wines in height.

It is at the forefront of Argentine Theme Museums and is positioned as one of the most original and innovative museums dedicated to wine from all over the world. According to its creators: Borlasca Gustavo and Héctor Berra, The museum represents a valuable contribution from the Cafayate´s culture to the country.

The section entitled Memory of the Vine offers a show with innovative display techniques, with scenic effects, lighting, multimedia programs and video presentations. The visitor will be in contact with the different scenes related to the sun, water, human labor and the highest vineyards in the world, the sky of the Valley, the climate and soil.

Wine Destination section is located in the old building and it is where the wine from Cafayate and the Valles Calchaquíes tell its story to the visitor, including its ancient cultures and the cultivation of the vine by the Jesuits, the first winemakers and pioneers of this region.

Almost at end of the route, the visitors can learn the secrets of wine processes and the emblematic variety of the region also, known as torrontés, Cabernet sauvignon, Malbec, Thanatos, among others. The final section is called “The Wine” and tells its story through a multimedia proposal that summarizes the process of wine.

The Museum of Vine and Wine in Cafayate is the perfect place to see and know the wine production from all the locations of the valleys Calchaquíes. In a few days will begin running a regular airline between the city of Salta and Cafayate. So, it will be easier for wine lovers to reach this incredible place.

It is inexpressible the joy of the town of Cafayate and the wine sector in general for the inauguration of this museum, which is aimed at promoting the incredible wines from Salta to the world.


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