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Laguna de los Padres reserve

laguna de los padres The Laguna de los Padres is located in the Sierra de los Padres town in 20 km from downtown of the city of Mar del Plata. It is transformed into a large public park since the 1946 expropriation of the room that contained it.

Access to the Reserve Laguna de Los Padres from km 14 of Route 226. The Laguna de los Padres and the Residential Quarter Sierra de los Padres offered a different option for visitors in a natural and valuable landscapes.

On the banks of the lagoon the Jesuits founded in 1746, Reducing Our Lady of Pilar, which unsuccessfully tried to establish the nomadic tribes, mostly Tehuelches, who still lived in Southeast bonaeraense.

Today you can visit a reconstruction of its facilities.

Today the park is municipal. Within the same is the traditional museum Jose Hernandez, where he lived the author of Martín Fierro and Agricultural secondary schools No. 1.

On the shores of the lake there are several recreational facilities, such as the Fishing Club, the Municipal employees, and ample free wooded picnic or barbecue.

Since 1995, during the Pan American Games, the court was built Remo, 2000m long, dredging and marking part of the lagoon.

The lake is about 2000 m wide by 1000 side, one arm to the south-west of 1100 by 300.

Is shallow, averaging less than 2m deep, and has very clear water, but with abundant algae ("gambarrusa") which make navigation difficult and swimming, and require permanent control.

It is surrounded by eucalyptus and pine forests and spacious lawns.

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